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There’s nothing quite like Twitter

Twitter is one of the most interesting places on the Internet. It is arguably the loudest soundboard for public figures, citizen journalists, and countless others.

Many businesses see the success that others have on the site and are quick to jump in and start tweeting. However, many brands end up abandoning their pages due to low engagement. Twitter is littered with small business pages that haven’t tweeted in years.

Why does this happen? The most common answer is quite simple: Twitter is not Facebook. Nor is it Instagram or Pinterest or anything else. It’s Twitter, and it is a very unique place.

In order to thrive on Twitter, you have to be committed to a few simple strategies that require plenty of time and effort.

Here are three ways that brands of all sizes can find a place on Twitter:

1. Tweet Often

Tweets get buried under Twitter’s first-come-first-serve newsfeed. Depending on how many accounts a Twitter-user follows, one of your tweets could fall fast in their newsfeed in as little as an hour.

Twitter’s algorithm does pull some tweets up to the top if a user has the “Show me the best tweets” option selected. But this is all dependent on what accounts a user interacts with most often and Twitter’s discretion.

Just be yourself, craft unique messages, and put them into the Twittersphere at least three times a day.

Hint: free scheduling software like Hootsuite is your best friend if you want to tweet often.

2. Hashtag with a purpose

Throwing a hashtag on the word #excited isn’t going to get anyone’s attention.

Instead, consider what you’re tweeting about. Are you a bakery looking to show off the goods? Hashtag the word #bagel to highlight your inventory, or #mondaymorning to hop in and make mouths water when people are a little cranky.

Of course, you can create your own hashtag. But be prepared to use it a LOT. Hashtags don’t usually gain momentum overnight. You’ve got to get your audience on board.

Here’s a common way businesses create hashtags: start a low-stakes contest with the entry being a tweet with the hashtag you invented. After a week, select a winner at random (Ex: “Excited to win a delicious #forgelightdonut”).

3. Get Social

Twitter can be a lonely place if all you’re doing is tweeting your own content.

Having a small chat with locals or businesses you admire is a great way to widen your reach. Find out what people are tweeting about in your town and join in on the conversation.

Not only does this give you an opportunity to appear in front of a new audience, but often times the best way to succeed on Twitter is to treat others the way you want to be treated. Want retweets? Start retweeting accounts that post content you like. Want mentions? Hop in on conversations.

To truly succeed on Twitter, you kind of have to be a social butterfly. Ready to flap your wings?

Twitter Isn’t For Everyone

Twitter can be a difficult place to build a following if you’re not committed. But if you put in the time and effort, your business can build a strong following that can pay off in so many ways.

Want more tips? Check out Twitter’s Small Business Blog for the latest on news, best practices, and success stories from around the world.