Tom+Chee Marketing Strategy

Tom+Chee is a new fast casual restaurant sweeping the nation after their appearance on the hit TV show, Shark Tank. Local business owners, Mike and Cindy Manley, happened to be tuned in the night the Tom+Chee episode aired and they knew instantly that this could be a great addition to their portfolio of franchise businesses. Though the corporate office provides franchisees with some great marketing materials, the Manley’s knew they would need a more customized marketing approach to fill their restaurant with students from the nearby University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL) campus. We’ve had the great joy of working with this awesome family to do just that.

Event Planning and Execution – University of Nebraska’s Get Rec’d

Tom+Chee booth and Soup Game at UNL Rec Center's Get Rec'd 2015
As our first project with Mike and Cindy, we helped them create an engaging experience for UNL students at Get Rec’d, an event that showcases UNL’s rec center and local businesses. In addition to designing signage, promotional items, and coupons for their booth at the event, we also created an interactive game. The game was “soup pong” a play on the common college party game, beer pong. We swapped the solo cups for soup cups and made our own set of house rules. The students loved it and many were crossing the aisles to come try their hand at the game. After seeing pictures posted to the Lincoln location’s Facebook, a Tom+Chee franchisee from across the country asked for the signage designs and a description of the game so that they could bring soup pong to one of their events.

Tom+Chee frisbees for UNL Rec Center's Get Rec'd 2015

Forgelight Creative helped us with TWO booths for Tom+Chee and Pretzelmaker at the UNL Rec Center’s Get Rec’d 2015! They did a fantastic job of coming up with the games, helping us decide on prizes, creating the artwork, ordering everything, setting up for the event and tearing down. They thought of every detail! Having a young, current, extremely creative local team is invaluable to us.
-Cindy Manley, Owner of Lincoln Tom+Chee and PretzelMaker Franchise Locations
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