Sultan’s Kite Website Development

Sultan’s Kite, a Mediterranean restaurant, is a local favorite in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. They came to us because the provider of their old ecommerce platform had informed them that the platform would no longer be supported or updated. So, Sultan’s Kite needed their online ordering system moved to a new ecommerce platform. After a quick look at the site, it was clear that the aesthetics and content needed an update as well.



Using WooCommerce and some custom development, we created a more intuitive online ordering experience for Sultan’s Kite customers. We also moved the site over to our web hosting service to ensure that the site would stay secure and up to date. Then it was time to address the copy and aesthetics on the site. We rewrote the copy to provide more information and used a younger tone of voice to aid in the restaurant’s goal of attracting more late-night student diners. For the design of the site, we incorporated colors and artwork found inside the restaurant. With more than a 45% decrease in the site’s bounce rate (from 85% to 38%), it was clear that Sultan’s Kite customers enjoyed the changes.

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