Privateer Racing League Marketing Strategy

Privateer Racing League (PRL) is an organization based in Tennessee with the goal of helping privateer motocross racers be better able to compete with the industry’s top performers. The prevailing theory in motocross is that the racers who win have better bikes or they’re simply more talented. PRL’s founder never bought into this idea and has spent the last five years watching and analyzing the technique of winning racers. He was able to identify five specific adjustments any racer could make to their technique that would drastically improve their performance. Now that he’s ready to release his findings, he wanted some help getting the word out.


Privateer Racing League (PRL) logo design
The first thing we did was work on PRL’s logo to give it a more refined look.

Web Design and Development

Website designed and developed for Privateer Racing League (PRL)

PRL wanted a website that matched the look and feel of the brand and a platform to release the findings of their research. We created a simple site using WordPress that gives visitors an easy way to learn about PRL’s offerings and sign up to receive emails with the research findings.

Print Advertising

National Print Ad design in Racer X magazine for Privateer Racing League (PRL)
Now that PRL had a more refined look and an online platform to release the research findings, we needed to spread the word and drive traffic to the new site. So, we launched a national print advertising campaign in Racer X, a popular magazine in the motocross industry.

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