PretzelMaker Marketing Strategy

PretzelMaker has long been a favorite of mall-goers worldwide. After owning multiple PretzelMaker franchise locations in malls throughout central Nebraska, Mike and Cindy Manley decided to open the first ever stand-alone PretzelMaker location next to their new Tom+Chee franchise location in Lincoln, Nebraska. To attract students from the nearby University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL) to the new location and contend with an on-campus competitor, they enlisted our help.

Event Planning and Execution – University of Nebraska’s Get Rec’d

Pretzelmaker booth at UNL Rec Center's Get Rec'd 2015
Pretzelmaker rope game at UNL Rec Center's Get Rec'd 2015
To spread awareness of the new location and get students engaged with the brand, we helped Mike and Cindy create an interactive booth at Get Rec’d, an event that showcases UNL’s rec center and local businesses. In the world of pretzel making, the best of the best are those who can form a pretzel shape with the dough by grabbing on to each end and making that perfect double twist in midair. It’s a fun challenge that few can master. To share the fun with students at Get Rec’d, we simulated this experience using rope. After watching a short instructional video, students had 20 seconds to try their hand at the art of flipping pretzels. Each student received a prize depending on their speed and level of success. The prizes, ranging from coupons to custom shirts and discounted-refill mugs, further encouraged students to come check out the new PretzelMaker just a few blocks away. The event was a success, with coupons already being returned during the first day of the show.

Pretzelmaker shirt design for UNL Rec Center's Get Rec'd 2015

Forgelight Creative helped us with TWO booths for Tom+Chee and Pretzelmaker at the UNL Rec Center’s Get Rec’d 2015! They did a fantastic job of coming up with the games, helping us decide on prizes, creating the artwork, ordering everything, setting up for the event and tearing down. They thought of every detail! Having a young, current, extremely creative local team is invaluable to us.
-Cindy Manley, Owner of Lincoln Tom+Chee and PretzelMaker Franchise Locations
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