John Ewing Company Branding and Label Design

John Ewing Company is a major manufacturer of equine nutritional supplements with headquarters just north of Denver, Colorado. John Ewing came to us to help them develop brand identities and packaging for two new lines of products: Horse Logic and ShowCare.

The company faced unique challenges with each line. ShowCare was the company’s first major line of supplements made for animals other than horses and Horse Logic faced stiff competition in the marketplace.

For ShowCare, we needed to develop a logo and product labels that leveraged John Ewing’s trusted reputation for quality equine products while making it clear that ShowCare products were for livestock show animals rather than horses. We created a logo that utilized design elements from John Ewing’s equine brands, images of the livestock animals the product is intended for, and a shape similar to the award ribbons given to show animals. In designing the labels, we ensured that images of livestock show animals were front and center and included the words “John Ewing Company” in large font.

The Horse Logic line of products allows customers to purchase equine supplements in specific, pre-portioned combination packs formulated based on the unique needs of the horse. Since this was a more premium line and John Ewing was a newcomer to this segment of the equine supplement market, the branding and product labels needed to stand out and elicit an emotional response from consumers. We decided to use a much more modern design approach than the labels for John Ewing’s other equine supplement product lines. We also worked closely with John Ewing’s marketing team to select powerful images of horses that would connect with customers.

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