Hiro 88 Promotion Strategy

Hiro 88 is a local sushi hotspot with several locations throughout Eastern Nebraska. They came to us with a problem: their only location in Lincoln faced stiff competition with two other sushi restaurants located within just a few blocks. While Hiro 88’s Lincoln location was popular with older and more affluent customers, management wanted to attract more students from the nearby university for their late-night specials.

Hiro 88 Facebook Advertisement

We decided that the best way to overcome this challenge would be to get as many students in the door as possible through a new “Student Night” special. The promotion allowed anyone with a student ID to order from the reverse happy hour menu on Wednesday nights, a night which normally does not offer a late-night special. We knew that if we could get students in to try the food and challenge their perceptions of Hiro 88 as being too expensive, we could make them fans.

Hiro 88 Student Night Collateral

We promoted the new special through Facebook posts, targeted Facebook advertisements, and in-store collateral. We’re happy to say the special was a great success. On the first night of the special, the restaurant saw 40 additional tables of students. The success of the special continued to grow with 50 new tables the second night and 60 new tables on the third. As an added bonus, the Facebook page for Hiro 88 Lincoln saw a 10% increase in page likes with over 300 net likes in just three weeks.

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