FUSE Coworking Marketing Strategy

FUSE Coworking is a shared office space in the heart of the startup scene in Lincoln, Nebraska. FUSE also happens to be where we have our office. We currently serve as FUSE’s dedicated marketing team, handling everything from event planning, to social media, website maintenance, and more.

Web Design and Development

Fuse Coworking website design and development

When we came on to help FUSE, their former executive director had already begun work on a new website. We improved upon that initial design, added content, and launched FUSE’s current website which has been very successful in generating leads for new members.

Social Media

Fuse Coworking social media campaign
Being a hub in the startup community is no small task. There is an endless amount of interesting content and relevant events going on and many turn to FUSE to provide updates. We help to keep everyone up to date through Facebook and Twitter while also working to build and share the coworking community inside FUSE.

Email Marketing

While social media is a great tool to provide updates, information can get scattered at times. To help with this issue, we also send out monthly newsletters that give a quick update on what will be happening at FUSE and throughout the community in the coming month.

Event Planning

Every other Friday, FUSE hosts a great networking event attended by 20 to 40 members of the local startup and business communities. We help ensure that each event is a success by coordinating the speakers, creating the online invitations, and even picking up the kegs. Yup, kegs. Forgelight and FUSE throw a hell of a party.

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