Family 1st Branding and Videography


Family 1st is a new company that plans to market and distribute a wide range of products. The company’s executives wanted a logo that represented the products they were selling, but struggled because of the variety in their product lines. So, they came to us for help.


After creating several design concepts and consulting regularly with the Family 1st marketing director, we landed on a unique concept. The logo we created has two elements. The core element of the logo is a clean, modern, and approachable wordmark that can be used across all of the Family 1st products. The second element of the logo is one of three icons that can be switched out depending on whether the product falls under health, home, or pet. Seen as a whole, the logo will always represent both the overall brand and the type of product the logo is being used with.


One Family 1st product, ClickGoBite, faced some unique challenges in the marketplace that were best addressed with video content. ClickGoBite is a small device that is used on mosquito bites to reduce the itching and swelling. The company found that customers were hesitant to use the product because they weren’t sure what it felt like and many doubted that it could work. Family 1st wanted to challenge these perceptions while showing the many use-cases for the product.

To address these challenges, we created a series of videos to be used on social media and the Family 1st website. The videos were a spoof of animal documentaries such as those on National Geographic. Each video showed everyday people using ClickGoBite while participating in a specific activity, including golf, fishing, camping, and a family barbeque. In each video, we stressed the ideas that the product was easy to use and that it worked. By using nonprofessional actors and including some humor, we created videos that were fun to watch and easy to relate to.

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