Capital Soccer Association Marketing Strategy

After working with the Capital Soccer Association (CSA) to promote the Nebraska Cup adult soccer tournament, they asked us to come back to help them recruit players for their youth leagues. With new competition in town and a limited marketing budget, we had our work cut out for us.


Capital Soccer Association (CSA) logo design
The first thing we did for the organization was update their brand. With 35 years of experience in town and licensed coaches for every team, CSA wanted to convey that they are the elite soccer organization in Lincoln. To help with this, we updated their logo with a clean and modern design that utilizes the iconic Nebraska capitol building and a shield design similar to the logos of professional soccer teams.


How do you reach an entire town’s parents with a limited media budget? Generally, you would not expect radio to be the answer to that question. However, we were able to reach Lincoln’s parents by sponsoring the 3pm weather update on the most popular station in town, KFRX. The sponsorship includes a 10 second spot and allows us to get our message across to parents while they’re picking their children up from school. The ad was designed to start a conversation between the parent and their child about getting them signed up for soccer this season and the program was much more cost effective than traditional radio advertising.

Print Ad Design

Print flyer for Capital Soccer Association (CSA) in Lincoln Public School's newsletter
In years past, CSA has had some luck with advertising in Lincoln Public School’s printed newsletter that is given to every student in the school district. For private schools, they print up flyers to be given to the students. This year, we updated the ads from a rather generic page of text to a design meant to catch the attention of the students. We expressed CSA’s value proposition with short copy that we incorporated into the design to show parents that CSA was the best choice for youth soccer in Lincoln. In previous years, the ads featured a separate registration form for each age group, unnecessarily taking up much of the space in the ad. For this year’s ads, we recreated the form to work for all age groups. CSA was so impressed with the ad that they even replaced their downloadable registration forms housed on their website with the new ad.

Social Media

Facebook Ad for Capital Soccer Association (CSA)
In addition to providing a social media crash course and consultation to CSA’s administrators, we also managed paid Facebook advertising for the organization leading up to the registration deadlines for the spring season. In the first week alone, our ads had driven approximately 200 local parents to CSA’s website. By incorporating our suggestions into their unpaid social media content strategy, CSA was also able to drastically increase engagement on their page with some posts getting as many as 50 engagements.

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