Alpha Bitcoin is a startup company working on bringing bitcoin to the Midwest. They manage the first and only bitcoin ATM in Nebraska and also work to educate businesses and consumers on the advantages of digital currency. We helped them get their company off the ground with a brand and some collateral for their sales staff to use.


Alpha Bitcoin logo design
One of the advantages of bitcoin is how easy and inexpensive it is to exchange compared to checks and credit card transactions. We conveyed this with an icon that uses two A’s facing opposite directions, symbolizing the way it may look from above if two people were exchanging A’s. We also went with the color of money and a font that nodded to the modern nature of digital currency.

Print Design

Three print pieces designed for Alpha Bitcoin
We created three print pieces for Alpha: a flyer for the party surrounding the launch of their bitcoin ATM, a leave-behind explaining to business owners the advantages of accepting bitcoin and how they could get started doing so, and an educational collateral piece for consumers.

Web Design and Development

Website designed and developed for Alpha Bitcoin

One of Alpha Bitcoin’s goals is to bring the bitcoin community in the Midwest together. They asked us to create a simple site they could use to list various bitcoin-related events in the area.

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