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We often come across people who want a better way to measure how much revenue they’re generating as a direct result from specific ads. If you’re selling your products online and only using online advertising, there are quite a few tools to help you get this data. When you don’t sell online or you use offline advertising, it’s much more difficult. But don’t fret, there are easy ways to track your marketing campaign success.


Coupon Codes

Caveat: this tip works best when you sell products online but are using offline advertising.

If you listen to podcasts, you’re probably familiar with the use of custom coupon codes. Coupon codes are an easy way to track which ads are bringing you sales. Say for example you were posting an ad in a magazine and an ad in a newspaper. If in the magazine your coupon code was “forgelight” and your newspaper ad was “forgelight20,” you would be able to easily see what advertisement brought customers to you and tracking success of your advertisements would be fairly simple. This doesn’t only work for magazines or newspapers. As I mentioned, this idea is often used on podcasts as well as television and radio ads. Podcasts, for example, are usually sponsored by a specific company and these companies sponsor many different podcasts. So when I listen to “Comedy Bang Bang” or “If I Were You” I am hearing two different coupon codes for the same company. This helps the sponsors track which show has the highest conversion rates.


Landing Pages

The same principal with custom coupon codes translates to landing pages. Using the example earlier, if we were having a discount and in a magazine you were directed to “” and in a newspaper you were directed to “” you would easily be able to track your conversion from magazine or newspaper. These two URLs are guiding the visitor to the same landing page, but you are able to track which URL was used more often, thus seeing which advertisement was more successful. These URLs provide you with a tangible way of seeing your marketing success.


Customer Surveys

Customer surveys are another good way to see where your conversions happened. Our fearless leader, Tyler, was talking to me and said that whenever he gets a call, he always asks how our potential clients heard about us. This is a good thing to track because we are able to see where businesses are seeing our advertisements the most, and which ones create interest enough to call. This is a form of a customer survey. We ask how potential clients hear about us and if they all were to say Instagram we would know our Instagram ads are the most influential. If 50% came from Facebook and 50% came from Instagram, we would look into no longer running Twitter ads.

Another way companies use customer surveys to their advantage is on their websites. Sites will occasionally have little surveys asking what brought their users to their site. This is another easy way to track how many users are coming from which platform.

Note: This works best for traditional type sales of B2B or high priced products or services where there is a salesperson closing the sale.

These are just a few tips that can help when you are trying to measure revenue from specific ads! When selling offline or using offline advertising, there are still easy ways to measure your successes.


Good Luck!
Evan Wooten
Content Writer