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When it comes to showing up in user newsfeeds, business pages on Facebook have their work cut out for them. Facebook has been progressively making its social network more and more “friends first” meaning that brands get a significant disadvantage.

Even when a user likes your page, that’s still no guarantee that they’ll see your post. A page with thousands of likes can put out a post that reaches just 30 people– it happens all the time.

So what’s a brand to do? Well, there are a number of very practical ways to try and get in the newsfeeds of your fans (and potential fans).

“See First”  

Liking a page is not a sure-fire way for users to see a brand’s posts. But selecting “see first” on a page absolutely is.

Even after being clicked, the like button at the top of a business page is still actionable. Hover over it and you’ll be presented with a list of additional actions.

One of them is to “See First”– a user that selects this will see your content right when it’s posted.

Since most users don’t know about this option, often times it takes a post of your own to explicitly ask them to take this action.

Encourage Engagement

Facebook is looking to put as many relevant posts as it can into user newsfeeds. One of the main signals that Facebook is looking for is engagement– surprise, surprise.

Posting content that generates engagement should be a top priority. Getting someone to react to a post– like, love, etc– is helpful, but comments and shares can give any brand a huge boost.

When a user comments on a post, it has the potential to appear in their friends newsfeeds, which kickstarts the impressions on your posts.

Sharing is perhaps the highest honor on Facebook. A share provides brands with a coveted opportunity­– access to a new audience. When a user shares your content, it has potential to reach hundreds, or even thousands of new people.

Explictly asking for engagement can occasionally work, especially if there’s a tangible reward for doing so. But the best rule of thumb is to just create interesting and valuable posts. If that’s your goal, then engagement will soon follow.

Uploading original video 

Facebook generates big numbers from video, and they’ve admitted that it’s an enormous part of their new business model.

Since they love video so much, they’ll give all users a big reward for uploading their own. Posting original video will help you appear more often in newsfeeds (depending on a variety of factors, such as length).

Live video, in particular, is a great way for brands to appear to users. When someone likes a business page, they’re automatically signed-up to receive notifications every time the business goes live.

There’s big upside to uploading videos directly to Facebook, and it could be the boost your brand is looking for.


Last but no least, the no-brainer. Facebook ads, by definition, give your brand one thing: traffic.

If you pay for an ad on Facebook, you are guaranteed impressions from the audience you target. Whether or not they do anything besides simply look at it is up to you.

There are plenty of ad options to choose from on Facebook. These three could get you started. But the best way is to experiment and see what happens.

If you have a great product or service, Facebook Ads can only help you grow.