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Low Cost Ways to Reach New Social Audiences

In the midst of a vicious presidential debate, America was feeling pretty pessimistic.

We didn’t know it yet, but we were desperate for a break from the venomous attacks. We needed some positivity.

That’s when Ken Bone came … Read More

Tools for Building a Facebook Link Preview

There are four types of Facebook posts: text-only, photo, video, and link.

While all four are valuable to brands, links are what take users to websites. And websites are where people buy things.

Putting a URL into a status … Read More

What is a brand archetype and how do you pick the right one?

After doing our research, selecting a brand archetype is the first thing we do for every one of our branding clients. Brand archetypes provide us with an easy way to visualize the brand as a person and they give us … Read More

How Businesses Can Appear in User Newsfeeds

When it comes to showing up in user newsfeeds, business pages on Facebook have their work cut out for them. Facebook has been progressively making its social network more and more “friends first” meaning that brands get a significant … Read More

How to Customize Your Facebook Newsfeed

Gather round, kids. It’s time to learn about how your content is sorted on Facebook. Better you hear it now than from those kids at school.

All Hail the Algorithm

The Facebook algorithm is the gatekeeper behind the … Read More

How to Sabotage Your Social Media Ads

It’s easy to make a disappointing ad on social media

Pull up a social media newsfeed and you’re bound to stumble upon some dreadful advertising. Why? Because social networks will encourage any business, from Fortune 500 companies to teenage lawn care … Read More

How to Succeed on Twitter as a Small Business

There’s nothing quite like Twitter

Twitter is one of the most interesting places on the Internet. It is arguably the loudest soundboard for public figures, citizen journalists, and countless others.

Many businesses see the success that others have on the … Read More

Three Useful Facebook Ad Options

On Facebook, It’s Friends First

Facebook makes no mystery out of how newsfeeds work: friends come first.

Personal pages appear more often in a user’s newsfeed than liked business pages, and Facebook made it that way. Business pages are … Read More

Facebook vs Ad Blockers – What this means for your business

It’s no secret that there’s a whole bunch of people out there that don’t want to see ads when they’re on the internet or social media. A leading ad blocker, Adblock Plus, has been downloaded over 500 million times! … Read More

Get Up Close and Personal With Facebook Live

Facebook Joins the Party

Facebook finally has its answer to live video apps like Periscope and Ustream. It’s called Facebook Live, and they really want people to use it.

They’re so eager for people to experience the feature that they’re … Read More