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If you’re looking for a newer and more creative way to communicate with your audience, Snapchat may be for you. Snapchat is growing rapidly, with 400 million snaps per day on average. If you feel like testing out Snapchat for your business, we have some cool ideas to help you get started.


Live Stream Events

Everyone has seen live tweets, and it works. But what’s better than live tweets? Direct access to events with pictures and videos. Instead of reading tweets, your audience can see what’s going on and feel like a part of it. Snapchat has the ability to give up-close and personal looks into what’s going on with your brand and experience what you’re experiencing.

This task is pretty simple and best of all, free. When you’re at an event or shooting a video for example, just take mini videos of what is going on and send them to your story. After they are on your story, people will be able to see your snaps and they can follow along with the event. Snaps on your story are available for 24 hours. This means if people are unable to follow the live stream, they can watch it the next day and still get the effect of a live stream.


Snapchat breeds intimacy

Snapchat is much more casual and intimate than Facebook or Twitter… take advantage of this. Because of the nature of Snapchat, you can post more fun stuff about your brand. Add pictures of what’s going on in the office or at home to your story; if you have video shoots, show behind the scenes footage; if you’re having a company outing, snap it. This idea of the casual and intimate nature of Snapchat feeds right into the up-close and personal looks the audience gets while live streaming. Give the people what they want.


Daily Prizes/Perks

Encourage interaction on Snapchat by offering daily prizes if they snap specific things. For example, ask your audience to snap pictures of them eating a burger of yours if you own a burger joint and send it to you. Then choose a random winner each day. This way, the audience will be interacting and participating with your brand AND you will be getting user-generated content.

On the same token, you can give exclusive offers to those who follow you on Snapchat. If they take a snap with your product or if they engage with your snap story, give them a promo code to use on your site. Again, you’re getting user-generated content and audience engagement.



This, in my opinion, is the coolest thing you can do on Snapchat. Geofilters are the little graphics you can put over your snaps. With geofilters, you design your own graphics then turn them into a Snapchat filter. After you’ve uploaded your filter on Snapchat’s website, you’ll select the time range that the filter can be used in (up to 30 days). You’ll then choose the geographic area you want it to appear and build a “geofence” around it. With a geofence, you are choosing the area where your filter is available to use by the public. Then you’ll confirm the order, and boom… you have a geofilter. Easy right?

Geofilters are able to promote events or your business. By creating geofilters you can brand your snaps, let people know of events you’re hosting, or create a geofilter for different services. For example, if we created a geofilter that said “having an awesome time with Forgelight” it would show up as a filter on anyone’s app that was in our geofenced area. This geofenced area could be anywhere. You can geofence and have a filter at your local mall or concert hall. Maybe even have a filter at a formal ball?


Creates content

Snapchat allows you to save the pictures or videos you take. You can add these snaps to your arsenal of content. If you have an Instagram account, along with your regular posts, you can pull from your Snapchat archive and still give behind the scenes content but on a different platform. You also have access to user-generated content as we talked about earlier. If your audience is sending you snaps, you can screenshot them and post those on your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well. Snapchat is just another, easier way to produce more content.

Because of Snapchat’s casual nature, you’re able to be more free. Scheduling posts and making sure everything looks perfect is awesome, but sometimes your audience wants to see the raw, behind-the-scenes footage. Snapchat is the perfect way to connect with your audience and customers personally.

On that note, follow us on Snapchat and check out what’s going on around Forgelight!
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Happy snapping!
Evan Wooten
Content Writer