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Are you interested in creating an explainer or promo video for your company? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This is one of my favorite things to do creatively and I’ve learned a lot about it along the way.

Creating a promo video may be a bit of a process but it is well worth it. These videos are engaging to potential customers and gives them a sense of who you are and what you’re all about. You have to make these videos count, and we’re here to give you some tips to make sure you and your customers get the most out of your video.


Have a good script

Common sense? You’d think so, but an overwhelming amount of businesses overlook the importance of a good script. If you watch your local furniture or mattress store video, you’ll know what I’m talking about. These videos are usually a good example of not having a solid brain storming session before writing the script.
kissing promo video script
This brings up something important… have a brain storming session. In this brain storming session, write down the main points you want to get out. Once you’ve done that, brainstorm video concepts. After you have the main points and concept, you can start writing the script and hashing out ideas. When writing the script think about what you would want to show a friend, you want your viewer to assume the role as a friend, not someone being talked at. In this same light, make sure your script is engaging and fun to watch.

Once you’re done writing your script, read it out loud, go over it in your head, record a raw idea of what you want to see. Make sure the script works. Don’t use a first draft.


Make it visually appealing

This doesn’t mean you need a touch of Michael Bay in your videos, this just means to make sure it looks good. Film it with a high quality camera, no one wants to watch a promo video for a company in 480p. Not only that, no one wants to watch a promo video with bad editing. Visual is a give and take. Also, make sure you give different attention to Facebook videos than videos on your home page. They are going to have to look different and they are going to do different things.


Have a call to action

promo video image

Pulled from Animoto

You can have the best script and awesome visuals, but if at the end of your video there is no call to action, your customers don’t know what to do or how to get in contact with you.Make sure you’re telling your customers to follow you on Twitter or Instagram, like your page on Facebook, buy your product, or just reach out via email. Tell those who are watching to follow up. A promo video without a call to action is a promo video with no ROI.


Wait on the release

The process isn’t over yet… We know you’re excited about your awesome promo video, but don’t put it out yet. Send it to your friends, family, and others that you trust. Tell them to review it and to tell you what they think. What do they get out of it? Are they willing to reach out to you? Do you have too many post-production explosions that don’t really add to the product? Your trusted peers will let you know.

We know this is hard because you’ve spent so much time on this product and it seems perfect, but to have fresh eyes look at it is so incredibly important. Your trial viewers will be able to help you fine tune your promo so it is the best it can be. After all, the video is for eyes other than your own.


Promote, promote, promote

Now that you’ve reworked your video and have a finished product, you can finally release it! Let the public see all of your hard work. Just make sure you don’t release it and let it sit, you need to promote the hell out of it. Post it to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or even take a snippet and post it on Instagram. Make sure people are watching it. The more people watch it; the more customers you get.

Be proud of what you accomplished here today. A promo video is no easy task, but you did it! Now sit back and rack up the views.


Happy filming!
Evan Wooten
Content Writer