About Us

Young, energetic, and hardworking.

“Having a young, current, extremely creative local team is invaluable to us.”
-Cindy Manley, Lincoln Tom+Chee and PretzelMaker restaurants.


What we do:

We build brands and drive sales online and in person.

How do we do it:

We are a content-first marketing agency. Whether we’re helping with a brand’s identity, online presence, or offline communications, we believe that great aesthetics should support great content, not replace it.

With each client, we begin by gaining a thorough understanding of their business, its goals, its challenges, and its customers. Once we have that knowledge, we begin creating the strategies and marketing materials that will be most effective for their unique situation, all while keeping in constant contact with them. After our work begins to be seen by the public, we monitor its performance and continuously make tweaks to improve results.

Our Beliefs
  • Great design exists to support great content, not replace it.
  • The web is a powerful tool.
  • Traditional advertising works only when used to create memorable experiences.
  • Success is measured by results.
Our Values
  • People matter.
  • Get better every day.
  • Embrace change.
  • Make things you’re proud of.
  • Let your work do your bragging.

We hire people that share these beliefs and values and we LOVE working with clients that feel the same way.

“The Forgelight team was very professional and easy to work with. The team delivered high quality work that helped kickstart my businesses, which was exactly what I was looking for. I appreciated the communication, collaboration and ability to deliver exactly what they promised. I would recommend them to anyone with marketing or creative needs. It’s a great group to work with.”
-Jason Kristufek, Fanstreamm