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Having an awesome LinkedIn company page helps you engage with your audience through company news, updates, events, and content. Having a good LinkedIn page can also improve SEO. To make sure you have the best engagement, search engine rankings, lead generation possible, here are some tips to have your LinkedIn company profile work with you and not against you.


There’s no business like show business

Make sure you show your visitors what you have to offer to them. This will be done on the showcase pages and this is where you get to shine and tell your future clients why you’re the best at what you do. Under the showcase page you can highlight particular brands or product lines… The showcases page makes it easy to build this community and start conversation about your products you’ve shown. Not only that, the showcase page can be used to update your audience about what you’ve been doing and they can see the work you’re doing when you’re doing it.

Also encourage people give you feedback on products or services they’d like to see. You want your audience to know you listen and are willing to work with your clients and provide them with what they want.

Pro Tip: LinkedIn loves that keywords, so make sure your description is keyword-rich without being distracting. It greatly improves your SEO.


Get engaged

Not with a ring, with likes. You need to make sure you are engaging your audience on LinkedIn which you can now finally do with your company’s page, not just your individual page. Like most social networks, you need to like and respond to comments on your posts or responses you get on your page. Share some content of your avid customers, influencers, and others who engage with your content. They scratch your back; you should scratch theirs. This develops trust with buyers and builds a larger community.

Like Facebook, you can cater your message to a target audience. When posting you have two options, you can share it with all of your followers or you can share it to a targeted audience. When sharing to a target audience you can share your content to people based on their geography, industry, company size, or seniority.

Don’t just engage with your audience with your company page, get your teammates or employees to engage with their connections as well. Have them share your posts and content. To take it a step further and encourage your employees to join relevant groups in the industry and have them weigh in and include info about your company. Just make sure you have a set social media policy so your employees are not speaking for your company, but are adding to the conversation.


Create clear, compelling content

You have to make sure your content is concise and fun to read. Not to bring it back to 8th grade English, but you need a hook. If you don’t have exciting, but clear content your audience won’t care. This idea of clear and quick content feeds directly into the notion that your content needs to be “snackable.” What this means is, not only does your content need to be solid, but it also needs to be easily shared and quick to read and understand. Have pictures, charts, videos, or anything visual. You need an attention grabber aside from just an awesome hook.

Oh by the way, please make sure your content is user friendly across multiple platforms. People use all kinds of devices and they want to be able to see content on every device. For example, if you include an infographic with a lot of small text, it will be hard for people to read on mobile devices.


The LinkedIn 4-1-1

The 4-1-1 rule is based around content and what you should share and how much. Confused yet? Essentially this rule states that four posts should be new content, one post should be industry-relevant, and one should be self-serving. This makes sure you are staying relevant with other companies as well as disseminating your own content. It also doesn’t hurt to have a repost about how awesome your company is… everybody’s gotta brag sometimes.
Here’s an example:

411 LinkedIn content rule

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LinkedIn may seem like any other social media outlet and that you can treat it as such, but that’s not the case. LinkedIn is a delicate flower with a lot of power. A strong LinkedIn page means a more powerful search engine ranking. This, and the fact that LinkedIn breeds engagement, are more than enough reason to perk up your LinkedIn page!

Evan Wooten
Content Writer